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I had a tumor that was the size of a golf ball shrink after watching your Eagle Mountain Revival Hub teaching on September 5 on YouTube.

You had said that God gave you the revelation that those with tumors and swollen lymph nodes are intercessors and need to release burdens to God. I started praying for who God put on my mind and I released it to God. As I did that, the tumor starting shrinking more and more after praying for different people and releasing the burdens! Praise God!! I also had swollen lymph nodes and constant sneezing/runny nose. Lymph nodes are normal and no more sneezing or runny nose! Thank you for your ministry! I hope you do more teachings on the seer realm and intercessors.

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On April 15th, I felt led to sow into Sharell Barrera's ministry to help her help someone else. Then one week later, while me and my husband where sitting at home watching TV. He received a call from his banker about some funds that the bank had received and he wanted him to have some it for his small business, all he had to do was fill out a form and send it in. So my husband did just that and his Banker called him the next morning (today) and told him that he was approved for the funds and all he needed to do was sign the paperwork. The Lord released over $18,000.00 to my husband that he DOES NOT have to pay back! And it's amazing how the night before he received the call I also felt led, while in prayer, to pray prophetically about money being released!!

Theresa Jarrett

Testimony! I have had a large Tumor on my Thyroid that they said was cancerous, for a year and a half. I refused chemo. Tonight on the live, you talked about someone's thyroid being healed. Well, I just felt my throat where the tumor could be easily felt. ITS GONE!!!! PRAISE JESUS!

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